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Is having many choices always a good thing? Probably not! Here is a look at the paradox of choice and what it means for human happiness.Hüseyin Demirtaş ile İngilizce ? ☕️ https://huseyindemirtas.net/

The world can look enormous or very small at the same time. In this episode of the English Hour, we talk about how our perception of the world changes as we grow older and get to explore it. I have…

Money plays a key role in shaping the world yet most people do not know how money works. In this episode of the English Hour, we talk about financial literacy and address some key questions and concepts.

In this episode of the English Hour, we talk about freedom of epression considering the latest developments around the banning of Donald Trump on most social media platforms and the impact of tech monopolies on privacy, data and freedom of…

In this episode of the English Hour, I am sharing a personal story about how I went from horrible to good in football and how it applies to learning English and many other skills. Transcripts for members https://huseyindemirtas.com/ingilizce-saati-plus-transkript/

What is a cashless society? What advantages and disadvantages does a cashless society bring? We will address these questions and more in this episode of the English Hour. Transcripts for members https://huseyindemirtas.com/ingilizce-saati-plus-transkript/

Do you need a diploma to succeed in life? In this episode of the English Hour, we tackle this complicated question.

The inspiring news of the first Turkish unicorn. In this episode we talk about the Turkish startup ecosystem and how it might inspire future generations of young entrepreneurs. Transcripts are available for members at https://huseyindemirtas.com/ingilizce-saati-plus-transkript/

What are the impacts of this global health crisis for the present and the future. In this episode, I talk about the social, economic and professional impacts of the global virus pandemic. https://huseyindemirtas.com/ingilizce-saati-plus-transkript/

Hi everyone, today we talk about staying at home during a pandemic. I explain some of the common terms and dive into the effects of this pandemic on our social and personal lives both for now and for the future.…

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